How To Support Loved Ones Going Through Addiction

When someone you love suffers from an addiction, it can be difficult to know how to best support them. We all want what’s best for our friends and family, but we don’t always know how to provide that for them. When you support loved ones going through addiction, you take on a massive toll as well. But by staying judgment-free and protecting yourself, you can help your loved ones move toward a brighter future.

Be Safe

Keeping yourself protected while supporting a loved one going through addiction is crucial. Helping someone else through their addiction can be incredibly draining, and sometimes the best thing to do is step away. You can only provide so much support and love before it begins damaging your emotional and physical health as well. You can’t support your loved ones if you yourself are worn and weary, so be sure to take stock of your own emotional state and take some time away when needed to recover.

Be Non-Judgmental

It can be easy to judge someone when you’ve never been in their shoes or lived their experiences. And with all the stigma surrounding addiction these days, it’s even easier to judge a loved one who struggles with it. But it’s important to know that judging someone and being harsh with them or blaming them for their struggles isn’t going to make them better. If anything, it often makes them feel worse and will lead them back to their addiction for comfort. When someone you love struggles with addiction, it’s important to be supportive and understanding. It’s okay if you feel disappointed or upset with some of the actions they take, but try not to let that reflect in what you say to them or how you treat them afterward.

Be Knowledgeable

Understanding more about a person’s addiction can help you stay judgment-free and help support their recovery journey. Addiction is often a side effect of a larger mental health issue, and it’s often genetically linked. When you understand the underlying reasons behind a person’s addiction, you can help them get the support and medical care they need to find ways through the addiction. Having a sound understanding of why your loved one is struggling can also help you feel better equipped to help them move forward without extra stress.

Support Loved Ones Going Through Addiction 

It can be hard to support loved ones going through addiction, but being there for them can be a crucial component in their recovery. People who struggle with addiction often need someone who’s on their side, someone who won’t judge them for their actions and who has an understanding of why they struggle the way they do. But supporting a loved one through addiction can also be extremely taxing. If you want to support your friends or family the best you can, it’s important to keep track of your own health and step away when you need to recover.

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