Managing Your Medication with My MedAdvisor

Are you currently taking a medication that you can’t afford to forget? Do you want to improve your experience in terms of taking these medicines? Are you searching for a way to do that? Sometimes, those mini pill box containers just don’t cut it. You might forget every once in a while and feel bad about yourself. However, there’s one solution you should consider using. And it’s called My Medadvisor. Over 2 million Australians trust it, and it will also improve your overall experience because it helps you order your prescription.

My MedAdvisor is an app that you can easily download on your smartphones through Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Once you have it, you’ll realize how much time you get to save ordering your medicines online while helping you manage them. So if you want to know more about MedAdvisor, keep on reading to find out what sets it apart from other apps!

MedAdvisor Can Help You in Many Ways

When it comes to taking medicines, we are all guilty of simply forgetting every once in a while. Of course, we feel bad because we want to heal from whatever sickness we have. So to help you remember, My MedAdvisor is designed to help you remember when you need to take your medication. You can set it up on your smartphone, and you’ll receive an alert whenever it’s time to take your meds. Plus, it’s ideal for carers who are taking care of kids of senior citizens because you can access them under one MedAdvisor account.

Remember When to Order Your Scripts

Aside from forgetting when to take your medicines, you might also forget when you need to fill them up. It’s dangerous, especially if it’s a medicine that can have adverse effects if you miss even one day. Thankfully, MedAdvisor can also help you by setting up automated reminders when it’s time to fill your recurring scripts. Furthermore, you can see a complete list of your medications, which are updated every time your scripts are filled. Some information you’ll find is the script details, dosage, remaining repeats, supply details, and more.

Order Your Medicines Any Time

Finally, one feature you’ll love is the ability to order your prescriptions any time you want and pick them up from the pharmacy once it’s ready. Therefore, eliminating the stress of lining up because you get to skip the queue. And if you don’t have the time or energy to pick them up, you can have them delivered to your home. You can pay via the app, which will be safely delivered to your doorstep immediately. So once you set up your account, just choose from the over 40,000 pharmacies available, confirm your identity, upload your script, and order your medicines!

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