The benefit of Seal Shield Waterproof Keyboards & Mice for back to the workstation of your work office

When combined with an industrial computer enclosure, a washable keyboard provides total protection and usability for your computer system in any wet or harsh environment. For the back-to-workstation work office, waterproof keyboards and mice are an essential package. Seal Shield waterproof medical keyboards are 100% waterproof, washable, and compatible with harsh disinfectants and cleaners. Seal Shield Waterproof Keyboards & Mice are designed to withstand regular and vigorous cleaning for effective infection prevention. They contain an antimicrobial agent that prevents microorganisms from degrading the product.

Fully washable and waterproof keyboards

Seal Shield is the lead developer of medical-grade equipment that is waterproof and washable. Their waterproof keyboards can be cleaned with sprays or wipes without disconnecting them. They can be soaked in bleach, cleaned in an automatic dishwasher, or washed in a sink. Seal shield medical keyboards meet the RoHS standards, certifying that they are free from harmful bacteria and viruses. The seal shield technology provides a level of product protection during or between cleaning processes.


From an IT perspective, seal shield waterproof keyboards have double shielded cables that exceed USB spec and include additional cable ferrites that eliminate radio frequency cross-talk. The majority of keyboards are also Microsoft certified and compatible with ERP systems. Seal shield keyboards are ruggedized, and they are available with a warranty. These waterproof keyboards are available in various sizes, colors, and styles to suit any environment. Seal shield keyboards are available with cable size and connection options, including long cable, USB, RF wireless, quick connect cable, and Bluetooth.

Waterproof keyboards are the only keyboards that contain a SEAL CAP USB protector, suitable for protecting the gold-plated USB connector against water intrusion during machine wash or full submersion. Seal Shield Medical Keyboards are available in IBM style, actual type construction, or low profile keys. Some medical keyboards even include integrated pointing devices. Medical keyboards can be manufactured from plastic, silicone, acrylic, or even glass. Seal Shield washable keyboards come in various sizes to support all major mobile medical carts, wall mounts, and other applications.

Washable and waterproof mice

The washable computer mouse has been recognized as an essential and cost-effective tool that enhances hand hygiene. Seal shield manufactures medical mouse similar to the standard mice but has unique waterproof features that make them ideal for different settings, especially medical environments. Seal Shield waterproof technology enables the user to clean the mouse regularly, making it the most effective mice available. Like the keyboards, seal shield mice have double shielded cables, Microsoft certified, and are compatible with major systems. Waterproof mice have a compact footprint which is perfect for tight applications. The sleek and fully sealed design makes it independently certified to IP65 or IP68, the highest rating against debris, dust, and liquid ingress.


Seal shield washable keyboards and mice feature a UV-resistant coating on essential labels for enhancing durability and product longevity throughout vigorous and regular cleaning. The UV resistance also enables keyboards and mice to be disinfected using UV technology without causing damage to the product.


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