101 about Dallas Podiatry  

Dallas podiatrists may specialize in a variety of medical fields, ranging from sports medicine to podiatric medicine. Do you need podiatric surgery or are you currently in need of medical assistance? Find the best Dallas podiatrist through either medical directories like the one released by D Magazine, or by going online and finding local podiatrists or people practicing podiatry near your location. Sports injuries arising out of competitive sports to treatment for heel pain, all are issues that your local podiatrist will be able to solve for you, or at least give you medical assistance in the same area. Before we talk about the best podiatrists in your locale, read the following section that explains exactly what a podiatrist’s job is.

What does a Podiatrist do?

Another term used to refer to doctors who specialize in podiatry is ‘DPM’ – short form for ‘doctor of podiatric medicine’. Podiatrists are experts in the medical field, and their job entails dealing with conditions involving the feet or lower legs which are a detriment to the individual’s well-being. While podiatrists do deal with injuries, they have also been known to treat complications from chronic health issues such as diabetes. Because they fix a myriad of problems ranging from conditions afflicting your lower body, and they can medically guide you as to how to solve health issues such as chronic illnesses.

In addition to the before mentioned, podiatrists do not go to traditional medical school but are at the same time given the title of ‘doctor’. However, do not be mistaken into believing their training is inadequate, as they are capable of surgery, resetting broken bones (a very common sports injury), or prescribe pain-killers and medicine for any other injuries. In the U.S, therefore in Dallas, podiatrists are licensed and regulated by the state government.

Educational Background of Podiatrists

Dallas Podiatrists go to four years of podiatric school. In podiatric school, they research on how bones, nerves, and muscles work together. The illnesses and accidents that can impact your feet are also examined by trainees and college students.  This examination includes learning and training on how to diagnose and treat injuries and, if possible, on how to repair feet with surgery.

Dallas Podiatrists Near You

Dallas Podiatrist treat foot-related ailments such as sprains, fractures, diabetes, arthritis, heel pain, and Morton’s neuroma. Keeping that in mind, read the following list on Dallas podiatrists near you.

  • Presbyterian Hospital of Plano Foot & Ankle Care
  • Dallas Podiatry Works
  • Kennedy Legel, D.P.M
  • Jill C. Wisdom, D.P.M


It is important to know Dallas podiatrists near you in case your child gets injured while playing a sport, or if you suffer a chronic illness like diabetes, all of which are cause for concern. A podiatrist will specifically treat any foot-related injuries that need surgery or prescribed medication. Their training extends to college and podiatric schools.

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