5 Reasons Why you Need Basic First Aid Knowledge

Surprisingly, only 1 in 13 people can confidently carry out first aid on a sick or injured patient. The fear of lawsuits or getting something wrong is the leading cause of anxiety for most people.

Every day, most of us hope that accidents won’t happen to our loved ones or us. But what if the worst happens and there is no doctor or medically trained personnel at the site to help? In an accident scene, most people are not confident enough to step up and help. Instead, they opt to call 999, but this crucial period before the ambulance arrives can cost a dear life.

Almost 140,000 deaths happen every year in scenarios where they could have been saved with basic first aid knowledge. These are some of the reasons why most people don’t take First Aid training programs:

  • Some people are too busy.
  • Some people assume they have enough knowledge.
  • Some people don’t know where to go for training.
  • Some think that accidents are meant to happen to other people and not them or their loved ones.

Why is first aid so important? Here are five reasons why having basic first aid knowledge is essential.

  1. First Aid Saves Lives

The main reason for first aid is basically to save someone’s life. Those few minutes of drastic action can mean the difference between life and death. A trained person is more likely to take the necessary immediate action in case of an emergency.

  1. It helps prevent the situation from becoming worse.

Having first aid knowledge can prevent a situation from worsening. In some cases, if a patient doesn’t receive primary care immediately, their condition can deteriorate in a minute. Given an instance whereby a person has obtained a deep cut, this person can endure severe blood loss without quick help.

Applying basic first aid techniques can stabilize a patient before medical help arrives.

  1. Liability

Most businesses, public facilities, or even public transportation means are legally required to be equipped with a first aid kit for safety purposes.

When an injury happens in your home or office, basic first aid knowledge can help save someone’s life.

  1. First Aid Can Reduce Trips to The Hospital

In instances such as a sprained ankle, nose bleeding, a bruised knee, a bumped head, or a minor cut, you don’t have to rush to the hospital for medical attention. Basic first aid knowledge such as wrapping an icepack on a swelling, competent bandaging on a wound, loosening clothes on a person who has passed out help can help prevent an unnecessary trip to the hospital.

  1. First Aid Creates Confidence to Care

Learning first aid makes you feel confident. When an accident occurs, you can feel confident in your skills and abilities I first aid administration. You may also save a life before an ambulance arrives.

Accidents can occur anywhere and anytime. It would help if you were equipped for a wide range of situations. To make the first step in attaining first aid knowledge, quality first aid training in Northumberland will give you the confidence you need.

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