Four Common Testing Services

The current world has been attacked by several diseases that generally don’t show any symptoms. These diseases can be easily transmitted from one person to another without both of them knowing. Countries have developed strategies and testing services for those visiting or traveling to and out of their countries. Employers also ask their employees to take some tests before they are employed. Testing services have been made a lot easier with Humble, TX physician assistant. Here are the different procedures that you should expect when visiting Calvary Urgent Care for testing.

  1. Immigration Exams

Nowadays, the United States of America gives foreigners a green card. The green card allows them to seek greener pastures in the state. Those lucky to go to the United States must undertake a medical exam commonly known as an immigration exam.

It is done to all immigrants to ensure that they do not infect their citizens with infectious diseases. The exams also provide that a foreigner has a good state of mind, indicating that their mental health is stable so that they don’t cause harm to their citizens.

  1. Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing

Sexual diseases have become widespread in the modern world. The spreading rate is also alarming as so many people are testing positive or showing symptoms related to them. These sexually transmitted diseases include gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV/AIDS, and herpes.

Many countries, including the United States of America, have made it compulsory for everyone to know their status. This helps reduce the spreading of these diseases. It is also a crucial component of routine preventive infection of these diseases to sexually active people.

Other diseases that will be tested when you go for STDs tests include the following:

  • Chlamydia
  • HPV
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Trichomoniasis

Visit a clinic near you and get tested for sexually transmitted diseases today if you encounter any signs and symptoms related to them.

  1. Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy testing is critical to couples, especially those struggling to get a child. Most women miscarry since they do not know if they have already gotten pregnant. Pregnancy testing has come to help women who experience frequent miscarriages.

A woman must take pregnancy tests if they have missed their periods or that comes later than you expect.  Light bleeding is also a clear sign that should indicate that you consider a pregnancy test. When this test is taken at the right time, you will be able to take care of the pregnancy and have children in the future.

  1. Drug Testing

Nowadays, almost every administrative department requires an individual to take drug tests. In most cases, employers ask an individual to fill a drug test form before they are employed to make sure they are not working under the influence of any stimulants.

In many instances, drug screening is conducted on urine samples where you must give the lab a small amount of urine for testing. Drug screening is done to test the following substances:

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates
  • Methadone
  • Barbiturates

These, amongst other substances, are tested during a drug screening.

Get Tested Today

Visit Calvary Urgent Care today and get all testing services that have been discussed above. They are located in Humble, Texas. They have a team of qualified medics that will get you tested immediately.

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