Get Prompt and Comprehensive Treatment for Work-Related Injuries in Colonia, NJ

While some work-related problems are obvious, such as a burn or cut, others are more delicate and can lead to severe problems. The injuries can also be reasonably debilitating, particularly when they cause chronic pain. If you are experiencing any work-related injuries, it is essential to get comprehensive and prompt health care as it can cause lesser discomfort and quicker recovery. At Samwell Institute for Pain Management, Drs. Jay M. Shah and Jeffrey Deygoo are experienced at handling incidences of work-related injury in Colonia to help patients get the relief they require. To learn more, call or schedule an appointment online today.

What Are Work-Related Injuries?

These are injuries that happen while an individual is engaged in their job’s occupational activities. These can be injuries that result from your own work, from the actions of other people, or general workplace injuries. The word injury can sound like a specific event, but different types of damage can happen. The most common workplace injuries are repetitive or overuse motion injuries. If your work demands you to continually lift heavy objects, bend over, move in a particular way or scan items, you can develop repetitive motion injuries. These might often result in chronic and painful conditions affecting your hips, back, shoulders, neck, knees, and other body parts.

What Are the Common Causes of Workplace Injuries?

If you have an occupation that needs you to do a repetitive task for extended periods, you might be at a higher risk for getting an overuse workplace injury. These tasks may include drivers, factory workers, any job requiring a lot of typing, dancers, laboratory workers, construction workers, etc. There are lots of other occupations that pose a high risk of getting workplace injury over time.

What Chronic Conditions Can Result from Workplace Conditions?

It is easier to find the connection between workplace injuries that happened at a particular point in time. However, lasting damage over years of repetitive motion in your workplace also counts as a workplace injury. These injuries can cause chronic and painful conditions including arthritis, knee pain, muscle straining, back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.  Getting early health care is essential in ensuring the best treatment outcomes.

How Do You Prevent Workplace Injuries?

There is a range of treatments available for most common workplace injuries. The treatments focus on the underlying causes and decreasing or relieving any chronic pain that you might be experiencing.  However, it is often better to avoid the injuries in the first place by modifying workplace conditions to exert less strain on the employee’s body.  These include altering the pace of the work, designing more ergonomic workstations, amending tasks, and educating workers on proper techniques.

To sum up, if you or your loved one is suffering from a work-related injury, the best thing is to look for timely medical care to prevent severe complications. For the comprehensive and prompt treatment of any workplace injury in and around Colonia, New Jersey, including protecting yourself from future damage, call or schedule an appointment online at Samwell Institute for Pain Management today.

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