Residents Medical Group: Residency Match Success Stories

Residents Medical Group is one of the leading residency matching programs in the country, creating opportunities for students to find the perfect program for their chosen field of expertise.

Although Dr. Michael Everest founded Residents Medical Group, the company was an idea born from his father, Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest’s mind.

Dr. Edwin envisioned a medical field that offered the best training because he knew that the best training made the best doctors.

Unfortunately, Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest passed in 2008 without fully realizing this vision. His son, Dr. Michael Everest, took responsibility and founded Residents Medical.

Small Beginnings

When it started operations, Residents Medical Group had one team member who helped manage the organization in a small rented office. This did little to faze its founder, Dr. Michael Everest, who built the organization with the help of carefully selected partners and individuals.

Dr. Michael Everest even found the time to start The Everest Foundation, an organization dedicated to philanthropy and supporting future medical professionals.

Today, Residents Medical Group is a recognized organization specializing in finding ways for medical students from around the globe to find and match with the right residency program.

It focuses on helping medical students and graduates match with programs available in the United States. Residents Medical makes it possible for students to work in American residency programs by forging partnerships with the leading medical schools in the country, along with its top teaching hospitals.

Residents Medical has already placed thousands of aspiring doctors into residencies where their skills are honed and their knowledge is enhanced.

Meet Some of their Successful Medical Residents

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Dr. Zain

After completing his medical studies in 2012, Dr. Zain traveled to the U.S. to further his medical studies as a non-US International Medical Graduate (IMG).

He took the USMLE exams several times but needed help achieving the ideal scores to land the top residency programs available.

Not keen on giving up, he set an appointment with Residents Medical Group and worked directly with their Research and Externship Pathway program. A post-match interview proved successful, and Dr. Zain entered his dream Family Medicine residency program.

Dr. Anele

Dr. Anele completed her medical studies at the International American University College of Medicine in 2016. As a student from the Caribbean, she had her challenges along the way. She struggled through several attempts at succeeding in the USMLE exams and getting low scores.

When she came to Residents Medical Group, the organization placed her on a customized rehabilitation pathway with their GME expert tutoring team. She successfully passed the ITE exam (Internal Medicine) and the USMLE Step 3. Dr. Anele then worked at a teaching hospital on a paid research fellowship.

Dr. Sharma

In 2015, Dr. Sharma completed her medical studies in India. She flew to the U.S. to apply for residency but needed a visa as a non-US IMG.

She asked Residents Medical for help, and the organization had her undergo their bespoke approach. She was integrated into RMG’s research to residency, one of the pathways that increase acceptance to a program, becoming a paid research fellow.

Dr. Sharma proved herself through the program, even participating as a presenter when she joined the 2017 National Personalized Cancer Conference. These efforts paved the way for her to find the perfect match for her medical residency. Today, Dr. Sharma is a Chief Resident.

Why Having the Right Support Matters

Residents Medical Group understands the pressure that medical graduates go through. A medical residency is already challenging enough, but getting into one successfully is an obstacle for many.

Each medical graduate has a unique need that requires a unique approach, which is why Residents Medical designed different pathways to ensure that every medical graduate who comes to them is equipped with the perfect solution to move forward.

Residents Medical also recognizes unique challenges for students, considering that their residency matching program has a worldwide reach.

Their program not only accepts students from the U.S. but also graduates from other countries for their residencies.

In the case of some medical graduates, the challenge is navigating a different environment as non-US IMGs. For example, they might have problems with the different standards of practice, or their concern may be as basic as a visa issue.

For most students, there is tight competition. There are specific medical programs at certain hospitals and medical facilities that are so popular that many students flock there. This creates a shortage of openings compared to the available medical talent.

Dr. Michael Everest says that the role of Residents Medical Group is to get to know the students and identify their best traits and strengths. The organization has been working with medical schools and teaching hospitals for years, so they clearly know what these facilities expect and want from incoming medical residents.

Meet Dr. Michael Everest

Dr. Michael Everest is the founder and Chairman of Residents Medical Group and the non-profit Everest Foundation. He holds a master’s degree from Liberty University and a doctorate in Education.

He has dedicated his professional life to finding ways to help improve the medical field. He cites his father, a medical doctor, as his model and inspiration for his current and future endeavors.

Dr. Michael Everest envisions a future of highly trained medical doctors with the skills and expertise to promote a solid and effective healthcare system that will ultimately promote good health and well-being for every patient.

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