Boca Raton Birth Control 101: The Essential Guide

There is no denying that birth control pills are one of the most significant steps in women’s health. It has given women all across the globe a choice to avoid unwanted pregnancy. As per the reports, 95% of women living with their partners or married are sexually active. And the birth control pill has given women the right to put a steering wheel of their sex life in their own hands. But now, there are many birth control options available. So, if you are overwhelmed with birth control options, then this Boca Raton Birth Control guide is definitely for you.

What Is Meant By Birth Control?

Birth control is also termed contraception. It is usually preferred to avoid unwanted pregnancy. It is a good measure for someone ready for parenthood and wants to enjoy their sex life without any worry. 

Types of Birth Control Option 

There are many forms of birth control measures available which we are going to discuss in this section.

  1. Hormonal Birth Control – Birth control methods have estrogen and progestin that avoid ovulating thick mucus and thins the uterus lining. Examples of hormonal birth control are pills, patches, vaginal rings, implants, and IUDs.
  2. Barrier Methods – As the name implies, this birth control method prevents or blocks the sperm from reaching a female egg. Not only does it prevent unwanted pregnancy, but it also protects against getting STIs. Examples of barrier methods are male and female condoms, sponges, spermicides, and much more.
  3. Long-Acting Reversible Contraception – It is for someone looking for a comprehensive solution to birth control. In this method, the IUD or implant is injected into the body to prevent eggs from being fertilized. Examples of this method involve Copper IUD, implant, and hormonal IUD.
  4. Natural Family Planning – It is also known as fertility awareness. It is the manual method of keeping track of the menstrual cycle to be on top of your ovulation period to avoid unprotected sex at that time. Examples of this procedure are the ovulation calendar, ovulation prediction kit, and much more.

Selecting The Best Boca Raton Birth Control 

It all comes down to what you prefer and what goes best with your body needs. There are various experts available in Boca Raton for Birth Control who can assist you in making decisions. Other than this, it is essential to use birth control measures as directed by a physician.

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