5 Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery That Will Help Improve Your Quality of Life

Total joint replacement surgery helps relieve pain and restore mobility in severely damaged joints due to injury or disease, such as arthritis.

Joint replacement surgery is a significant operation, but the recovery process is much shorter than after traditional hip or knee replacement surgeries. You will also be back on your feet in a matter of months with improved mobility, less pain, and increased range of motion.  If you consider this type of surgery, here are five benefits you can expect.

1.  Provides Pain Relief

People who suffer from severe joint pain can find relief by undergoing total joint replacement surgery. Many people claim that once they underwent surgery, they experienced more relief and could return to an active lifestyle within a short period. The success rate is pretty high, meaning that you are likely to have fewer issues with your new joints over time.

While it isn’t a cure-all for arthritis, it does allow many patients a good quality of life with less pain after surgery. Don’t continue suffering from debilitating joint pain; talk to your arthroplasty surgeon about total joint replacement surgery; it might provide you with much-needed relief.

2.  Helps Improve Mobility

An arthroplasty surgeon will perform total joint replacement surgery to increase mobility, eliminate pain and prevent disability. With arthritis affecting an estimated one in four individuals at some point in their lifetime, total joint replacement surgery may provide a solution for those who suffer from severe pain.

Whether caused by osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, joint replacement can improve mobility, physical function and quality of life for many individuals. Medicine research, as much as 80 per cent of patients report improved mobility following total hip replacement surgery.

3.  Helps Restore Function And Comfort

If you struggle with pain and limited mobility due to a damaged or diseased joint, joint replacement surgery can restore function and comfort. Since each person’s case is unique, your arthroplasty surgeon will help determine whether you are a good candidate for joint replacement surgery.

After a joint replacement surgery, you will be able to attend to your duties more efficiently, enjoy your comfort while sitting on your couch, enjoy your road trips again, and even work in your garden without struggling. No one should suffer through an active life just because their body is aging and broken.

The significant part about total joint replacement surgery is that it removes most of that suffering – replacing joints destroyed by arthritis with new prosthetic joints allows patients to resume an everyday life without pain, stiffness, or restrictions.

4.  Helps Prevent Further Damage on Bones and Cartilages

Osteoarthritis can cause pain, but it also causes changes in your joint that make it harder to walk, run and do everyday activities. Total joint replacement surgery helps prevent further damage to the bones and cartilages by stabilizing your joints. You will be able to move around with ease again and get back to enjoying life without pain.

Replacing an arthritic hip or knee eliminates wear and tear when moving around in a damaged joint all day. Total joint replacement eliminates pain and ensures that people who undergo total joint replacements won’t need to return in future years for another treatment. Your quality of life will improve after just one procedure; you may no longer need to use a cane or rely on someone else for help!

5.  Helps Keep Your Independence

Many patients who undergo joint replacement surgery can quickly regain their independence and ability to get back on their feet. Even if you were dependent on others for walking, showering, and other daily tasks before surgery, you would be able to do these things yourself again much sooner than many patients who don’t have total joint replacement surgery.

Your mobility is likely to increase more quickly, too—which means no more relying on a walker or cane! Total knee and hip replacements are especially beneficial because they restore function in your joints and eliminate pain associated with arthritis. You will regain your freedom of doing things independently without depending on a helper in everything.


Total joint replacement surgery has excellent benefits, and hence it’s becoming a popular option for people suffering from severe hip and knee injuries. To get started with your surgery, contact an experienced arthroplasty surgeon like Dr Meirs Johnson to help you become more mobile and more independent!

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