All you need to learn and understand about gestational surrogacy in Newport Beach

Suppose you can conceive but not carry your baby to term due to various physiological or anatomical problems. In that case, recreational surrogacy is the best solution because it provides you an opportunity to have your baby. Generally, gestational surrogacy involves forming an embryo via in-vitro fertilization using sperm from your partner and your egg, which is then implanted in the uterus of a surrogate. That is why Newport Beach gestational surrogacy provides services to women who have been struggling to become pregnant or carry the pregnancy to term but have viable ova.

What is gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is when a woman becomes pregnant and carries a baby for another person or couple until full-term. The process involves using in vitro fertilization to form an embryo which is then transferred to the womb of the gestational carrier.

How is an embryo created for gestational surrogacy?

Mostly the care providers usually use in vitro fertilization to help the intended couple to form an embryo. The embryos to be implanted can be created using donor sperm and egg or an egg and sperm from the intended couple. The embryos formed are then transferred to the gestational carrier’s uterus. The embryos are usually transferred in patients undergoing in vitro fertilization and still carrying their baby to term.

Who is a candidate for gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is a process that helps a person or couple that cannot have kids have one of their own. Some of the cases where gestational surrogacy might be the option include;

  • When the mother chooses not to be pregnant
  • Prospective parents do not have a uterus
  • History of uterus issues that have resulted in previous miscarriages
  • The intended mother has a medical condition that makes pregnancy and delivery dangerous

Gestation surrogacy is also a good option when the parents are of the same sex as male partners or a man without a female partner.

How is surrogate chosen?

Many people usually choose a family member or friend to serve as a surrogate. The health care specialists help you evaluate the potential surrogate to determine if they are an appropriate candidate.  Similarly, the care provider also enables you to navigate the legal, medical, and financial aspects required when using gestational surrogacy because it can be an involved process. The health care facility has good relationships with surrogate agencies in the area. Therefore they can help you or make recommendations to enable you to find a gestational surrogate.

It is also advisable that every surrogate undergo a comprehensive physical exam and health history together with an infectious disease and hormonal testing. The care specialists also recommend that the gestational surrogates and their appropriate partners see a mental health professional specializing in third-party reproduction to ensure that the person carrying the baby understands the social and psychological changes that may emerge from being a gestational surrogate.

Therefore, if you are interested in having a kid even when being pregnant is not an option, call or contact OC Fertility today for more information.

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